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Rob Hennings


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About Rob Hennings

Rob Hennings is a strategist, writer, and producer at McCarthy Hennings Whalen, Inc.

Rob has extensive experience producing ad campaigns for candidates, independent expenditure campaigns, and for corporate issue and branding efforts.

In 2022, Rob produced ads for JD Vance’s winning U.S. Senate campaign in Ohio. Rob also produced ads for Dan Newhouse’s historic reelection in WA-04.

Rob produced TV, radio and digital ads for Senator Susan Collins’ historic reelection campaign in 2020, along with the ads for Mitch McConnell’s winning re-elect that same year. Hennings has worked on every Collins campaign since 2002, and every McConnell campaign since 2008.

2019 saw the election of Kentucky’s first African American Attorney General, Daniel Cameron. Rob produced ads for the Kentucky Freedom Fund in support of Daniel.

In 2018, Rob produced ads for Senator Barrasso’s reelection and for several independent expenditure campaigns.

In 2016, Hennings was proud to produce ads for Senator John McCain (AZ), helping McCain fend off a primary challenge and win re-election.

In previous cycles, Rob produced ads for the NRSC, NRCC, and RGA, along with ads for Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Sen. Mark Kirk (IL), and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK). Rob also produced national TV ads supporting the confirmations of Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

In 2001, Hennings produced ads for Oklahoma’s successful Right to Work initiative, and in 2000, Hennings helped with Sen. Conrad Burns’ tough re-election bid in Montana, the re-elections of George Nethercutt and Jim Nussle, and with Darrell Issa’s first election to the House.

Rob is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife, Diana, and their daughter, Evelyn Rose.